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Can Ch Ahava Windyhill's Taylor Swift RN, CD, Ag.N., ADC, SGDC
Mar. 18, 2009 - Feb. 10, 2015

Taylor was a spunky little girl who stood just over 13" and was the mother to my 3rd litter of 4 pup

TAYLOR was a spunky little girl who was the mother of my 3rd litter of 4 puppies.  Unfortunately we lost her to a terrible accident and she never had a chance to reach her full potential.

Can Ch Waskasoo's Great Expectation CDX, RX,, AG.M.X.V, AG.X.J.V. MXPV. SHDCH, ATCHC, MSchDC, SD-S, SP
Feb. 10, 2004 - Sept. 17, 2015


SPENCER was my best friend who introduced me to the world of dog sports and always did everything I asked right up until two days before  his death when he competed in Agility,   He was just starting his nose work career when cancer took him from me

Can Ch Windyhill's Crimson'n Clover CD, RN, AG.I, J.S, NPS, MADC, MJDC SEPT 22, 2011- AUG. 6, 2015


CLOVER Was my 2nd home breed champion and my first little tan and white beagle who was my pride and joy.  She excelled in agility, obedience and Rally but was taken from me just before her 4th birthday with a form of cancer there was no cure for.

BISS Can Am Ch Harnett DaragOJ Changes in Latitude SGDC,AADC,AG.N. Ag.N. J. June 24, 2007 - Sept. 1, 2015


DUKE  came to us at the age of 7 months from breeder Ann Roth  from Harnett Kennels in North Carolina.  He was a great show dog and sired 7 litters and some of his puppies went on to become Canadian Champions.  He was the father of Clover and  my new little girl Lacey.  We lost Duke to prostrate cancer.

Waskasoo's Full Moon Ag.N., AG.N.J., ADC, AGDC. June 13, 2003 - Feb. 19, 2016


Our daughter Kara decided we needed a beagle when started law school.  Riley came to us from Waskasoo Kennel in Red Deer, AB and he was her constant companion.  Before Riley moved to Edmonton to live with our daughter I tried very hard to teach him agility but he was always much more interested in smelling the ground than playing with me.  We lost Riley to brain cancer.

WINDYHILL'S ATTA BOY CARTER. AUG. 26, 2006 - FEB. 17, 2017


My son Christopher wanted a Spencer puppy so I decided to have a litter of puppies, unfortunately this litter was born with 3 puppies affected with Musladin-Lueke Syndrome which causes a tightening of there muscles and their feet do not grow properly and makes it hard for him to move around.  Carter was loved by my son, his wife and their two little boys until his death.