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Our beginnings and where we are going in the future

Beagles became a part of our family in 1989 when we purchased our first beagle Megan for our 9 year old son Christopher.  My husband and I both come from a farm background and had enjoyed animals all of our lives.

We choose the beagle for their size, cute looks that can melt your heart, and their happy playful temperament.  Our puppy Megan quickly became the centre of our lives for 13 1/2 years when we lost her to cancer in November of 2002.

After that, our daughter Kara who was living at home while going to university, decided that since she had only three more years at home, she wanted a puppy to keep her company while she studied. We searched the internet and found a puppy for sale at Waskasoo's Kennel in Red Deer, Alberta.

After a couple of phone calls we were on the road to Red Deer where we met Bev Davies-Fraser and her beagles Boomer and Bonny and their litter of 4 puppies.  We made many trips to Red Deer to look at the puppies and Bev finally let us take our beagle "Riley" home at 10 weeks of age.Riley quickly made himself at home and made friends with all the family and friends who come to visit.

Six months after Riley arrived the family decided that he needed a playmate so again we gave Waskasoo Kennel a call to see if she had another puppy.  Her imported bitch from Finland "Telle" had just had a litter of puppies with a brother of Riley from the previous litter as the father.  This dog "Chance" had been a puppy when we had first visited Bev's home and I had fell in love with his perky disposition and his dark black color. 

When we arrived at Bev's home to pick up "Spencer" she asked us if we would hold off having him neutered as she wanted to have a look at him at six months and would possibly like to show him.   At six months she felt he was a show quality puppy so I decided to take confirmation lesson and showed Spencer to his Canadian Championship and in the process discovered the world of dog shows and agility and decided a litter of puppies of my own would be the next step I wanted to take. 

After searching the internet and talking to many breeders in my search for a foundation bitch for my own kennel I finally decided on a bitch from Bakerstreet Kennel out of Washington State in the United States.  "Sage" arrived in our home in early January 2006. 

In December of 2005 I got a call from Bev telling me about a dog that was for sale in North Carolina.  This dog's pedigree fit well into both our breeding programs and also Lexmark Kennel was also interested in using this dog in his breeding program.  Since we live on a 4 acre fenced property we have the space for another dog.   We called Harnett Kennel in North Carolina and Ann Roth agreed to sell us "Little"duke"  named after the Duke University basketball team in North Carolina.  This now gave me a puppy to show and he received a Best Puppy in Group and Best of Breed in his first show.  In his first year he got 2 more Best Puppy in Group placements.  Duke was also shown in the states and got his American Championship with the help of his handler Larry Clark.  Duke Sired 7 litters across Canada and some of  his puppies became Canadian Champions. 

With a litter of puppies on the way I knew I would need to get a kennel name so after many family discussions we decided the since we live on the top of a windy prairie hill with a view of the Rocky Mountain in the distance we would submit the name "Windyhill" to the Canadian Kennel Club.  In early January 2006 this name was approved and Windyhill Beagles came into being.

We have had many beagles pass through the gates of Windyhill over the years.  

Ahava Windyhill's Taylor Swift "Taylor" was a little girl who I purchased from Ahava Beagles in Abbotsford, BC who had lots of spunk and was fun to  train.  She competed in Agility, Obedience and Rally-O and was the mother of 3rd litter with Duke as the father.   Unfortunately she left us in 2015 after a terrible accident.

From this litter I kept a red and & white girl "Clover" who was just starting her career when in the summer of 2015 she was taken from us with liver cancer.

We now have another Duke daughter who will be the mother of my upcoming litter,   She is an exciting little girl who loves agility and noswork.

I would like to thank Bev Davies' Fraser (Waskasso Kennel) who has become my mentor and a special friend , for her guidance and the support as we continue our journey with our beagles. 

Since those early days I have turned my attention more to performance sports and really  only have a litter of puppies when I need a new performance dog.

                    Spencer and Riley

Spencer and Riley

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In the summer of 2017 Madison was awarded the Beagle Club of Western Canada Lifetime Achievement Award.  To qualify for this award Madison had to have titles in 4 different sports and one of the titles needed to be at the excellent level.  Each sport and level of achievement is given a point value and to receive this award Madison earned over 50 pts. 



In 2017 Madison also earned her SDDA Sporting Detection Masters Championship. SD-Mach title.   In order to be awarded this title she needed 10 titling scores at the advanced and excellent level, 3 of those scores had to be from the excellent class and 3 scores had to be Gold Scores. 



In May of 2017 Madison earned her Open Obedience Title CDX. This title took many years of training and perseverance



Lacey loves agility and earned her Starters Agility Dog of Canada and her Starters Game Dog of Canada titles by the age 1 year 9 mos.  



Lacey likes to play the nose work game and earned her Sporting Detection Started Sd-S SP tile in September of 2018.



Lacey earned her obedience CD  title in August of 2017 and we are working on her CDX title.